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  • Google Chrome – One interesting bit, ok two, maybe three

    Posted on September 4th, 2008 Andy Parkes 8 comments

    When the Internet is in full blown hype mode I usually don’t even bother to blog about it. But this I thought I’d make an exception on this one

    However, I haven’t even downloaded Chrome yet! (I have seen it in action though – some people can’t wait!)

    However, a few things caught my eye

    Application shortcuts

    Didn’t fully appreciate this when I first read about it but the Gmail blog explains it well

    If you use Gmail or Google reader (or whatever) you can create an application shortcut. The idea is that when the browser opens the page it gets rid of the all the interface elements that remind you that your working in a browser (tabs, address bar, etc) so that it looks like a regular “desktop” application

    V8 Javascript VM

    Read about it here but in a nutshell Google have started from scratch with the javascript virtual machine. If it’s as fast as they claim it will make vast improvements to the more complex web apps (have you got any friends on Facebook with a million apps installed? Fed up of waiting for that page to load?)

    Google Gears (or just Gears as it’s now known)

    When I first read about Google gears I didn’t pay it any serious attention. My initial thoughts were “offline access? if I was that bothered about offline access to my RSS feeds I’d use a desktop app!”

    I know realise i was missing the point. As well as doing lots of caching to help speed things up it’s also a local database engine. The web developer can shift some of the database load to the client and help prevent lots of trips back to the server (vastly simplified I know!)

    MySpace are using it, as are WordPress and obviously Google apps like Google Reader are using it

    The thing here though is that it’s built into the browser. Previously you had to download as an add-in for your preferred browser and I never got around to it. Have you?

    So what’s my point?

    Well I don’t really have one. As I said these features jumped out at me. They are pretty unique to Chrome. Things like tabs in separate processes, sandboxes, incognito mode, crash control and the like are appearing in the “other browsers” already

    That said if you put all three of these features together and then use some of Google’s apps it could make for an interesting experience

    I’m a pretty heavy user of Google reader, regular user of Gmail and occasional user of Google docs

    I could still keep my preferred browser (if I wanted to) and install chrome then setup application shortcuts and use chrome just for using my google apps

    I’ll get speed increases, offline access and it will behave in a similar way to a desktop program so they is a chance I wont even notice I’m using a browser!

    Anyway just thinking out loud

    I wont be installing it on my main machines just yet due to it’s brand new beta status, security flaw and questionable EULA

    My poor old laptop is looking like a candidate though

    If you want another opinion on Chrome, Vlad obviously has one (which is definitely worth a read) so take a look here

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    Andy Parkes is Technical Director at Coventry based IT support company IBIT Solutions. He is also Microsoft Partner Area Lead for 2012-2013 and coordinates AMITPRO which is a peer group for IT Professionals in the Midlands area. He also isn't a fan of describing himself in the third person.

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    8 Responses to “Google Chrome – One interesting bit, ok two, maybe three”

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    2. The EULA was a oversight and has been updated:

    3. Hi Greg

      Thanks for the comment

      I know they updated the EULA but what bothers me is that Google had this massive release set to go up against IE and Firefox (et al), big enough that they went to all the effort of releasing THAT comic, and the EULA issue1 was an “oversight”

      I don’t quite get that. If it were me I’d have been going over everything with a fine tooth comb as I’d expect to be scrutinised

      Just my opinion

    4. I think the browser is rubbish. I know it is only in beta but I really think they should have waited for more features to be implemented before showing it off to the world.
      It does not even have the ability to bookmark favourite websites. Well as far as I am concerned it is straight in the bin. Favourites should be a fundamental part of a browser. They failed on so many aspects, it is not even worth waiting for beta 2 or whatever it is they are going to call it.

    5. Erm… did I screw up there or what? Okay it does have bookmarks, but it is still shit 🙂
      You can delete my comment now Andy. lol

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