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  • McAfee Groupshield Incorrectly Identifying E-mail as Corrupt

    Posted on March 8th, 2009 Andy Parkes 1 comment

    Just a quick one as a reminder in case i come across this again!

    If you are using McAfee Groupshield 7 and are noticing users are receiving the following on emails that are seemingly ok

    The content this replaces was found to be corrupt.
    Cause of corruption: Invalid character set or encoding.
    Ticket Number: <ticket number>
    See your system administrator for further information.


    Upgrade to Service Pack 1 and this will fix the problem

    We had two different sites that were experiencing this problem and the procedure you have to go through to release a quarantined message isn’t fun!

    Full details in McAfee article 53009

    I’ve been critical of McAfee support in this past but it appears as their knowledgebase as undergone a revamp as it’s helped me out quite a lot recently

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    1. Heres some more information that might be helpfull,

      Mail Error “Corrupt Content Alert”


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