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  • Poor Virtual PC 2007 Performance on a laptop

    This has been blogged about elsewhere but I’m trying to get back in the blogging groove and I also want to make note of this somewhere!

    When I went to the Manchester SBSC group for my SharePoint as a Helpdesk presentation I mentioned I’d had a problem with the performance of my virtual machines.

    It’s been bothering me because it was really really bad, so bad I could barely use the mouse and even though my laptop isn’t exactly a powerhouse it should have been ok running the two VMs I needed for my demo.

    So with a visit to the TVP SBSC group impending I decided to have another look and see if there was anything else I could do to eek a bit more performance out of the laptop.

    It didn’t take me too long to find an entry on the excellent ativan generic vs brand Virtual PC Guy’s blog.

      1. Stop running Virtual PC
      2. Open notepad
      3. Open %appdata%\Microsoft\Virtual PC\options.xml
      4. Locate the <virtual_machines> section of the file and add this key:
        <enable_idle_thread type="boolean">true</enable_idle_thread>
      5. Save the file and exit notepad
      6. Start Virtual PC


    I followed the instructions and I can report it works great! There was an immediate and noticeable difference when using the Virtual Machine.

    The post also says that this can drain your battery faster than normal.

    This is actually an understatement – it hammers the battery! I watched the battery meter drain before my eyes!