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According to a post on the BBC news web site (view it here) software has been developed that allows people to use songs downloaded on Itunes away from their Ipod and onto other players (Creative, Sony, etc).

This in a addition to a post on the SBSDIVA site where she rants about not being about to sync’d her Ipod from multiple locations caught my interest.

I never quite realised how restrive owning an Ipod was.

Reason being i dont own an Ipod and i dont plan to buy one. I just have a generic player that also doubles up as a USB pen drive! It means i can use it for work and pleasure. It’s one gig and holds enough music for occasions i’d need music on the go.

I also don’t buy music online. I prefer to buy the CD (i’m a hoarder…i collect things so i need the CD) and then transfer into digital format.

I have purchased online music a couple of times and the experience put me off. It was for a family member (mother in law to be precise) who was trying to track down a song and i helpfully suggested i’d locate it online for her. I did this from my PC at work with the idea of transferring it to my laptop where i would then transfer it to her PC at a later date (this was before i had my pen drive!). My concern was when the site (and windows media player) started to mention licenses. It wasn’t made clear to me about transfer rights and i didn’t know if the file i had downloaded could move between those three computers. I eventually managed to get it all figured out and she had her track and was perfectly happy with it.

What struck me after was what if she’d try to do that on her own? There is lots of publicity on how easy it is to download music nowadays and i completely agree but if i got confused with it when i use computers everyday how would she have got on when she still struggles with backing up her work data to a CD? I have lots of computers and devices i want my music to work with.

Why is it so complicated to do?

The music industry want us to buy music legally, which they have a right to. But if they make it so we can’t use it quickly and easily how can they expect people to stop using “other” methods to obtain digital music?

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