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From the Yahoo News site:

“Carl Howe (Blackfriars Communications) submits: Colin Sebastian at Lazard Capital Markets has warned that he expects Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT – News) XBox 360 shipments to only total 4.5 million for the year, instead of the 5 million expected. That says to me that the XBox 360 marketing plan is fading fast.

Why? People forget that the original projection for XBox 360 sales was for 5.5 to 6 million within six months of launch. That projection was re-iterated in January this year, but extended out to 5.5 million by July. And now, we’re looking at 4.5 million for the year. Ouch.

We’ll know more after Microsoft announces earnings tomorrow. But many analysts were originally projecting that there would be 8 or 9 million XBox 360s in the market before Playstation ever launched. If these numbers are correct, it says that sales aren’t living up to projections. And with two new competing consoles launching next month, this story isn’t going to improve a lot without a serious marketing push to compete. Suddenly, that one-year lead Microsoft had on Sony (NYSE: SNE – News) doesn’t look like such a big advantage after all.”

I always thought that Microsoft were aiming a little high with some of their targets. However i do think this piece makes an interesting point

“That says to me that the XBox 360 marketing plan is fading fast.”

For some reason it has felt recently that Microsoft haven’t been marketing the Xbox as aggressively as i’d expected to them. I can’t really remember seeing many XBox 360 adverts on the TV. Granted there have been adverts for games but it feels a little thin in the console advertising department. Granted this is my personal viewpoint and it may be different in the US and the rest of Europe and it could just be that i don’t watch enough TV or i ignore adverts!

Maybe they are going to have a big push when the PS3 launches? Especially with Gears of War just around the corner and Halo 3 in the new year

Oh well..just me thinking out loud. Isn’t that what this blog is for?

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