Cleaning My RSS

For some reason i though that title was quite funny…

I was a bit of a late comer to RSS. It was one of those buzz words i’d heard lots about but wasn’t really sure about what it could do for me. Then one quiet afternoon i looked into it a little more, subscribed to Newsgator and was hooked!

Since i read a lot of blogs RSS is such a no-brainer now. If not preaching to the converted an few nice simple explanations of RSS are:

A non technical explaination of RSS

How to explain RSS the Oprah way

To begin with i loved that i could get at my Newgator feeds from anywhere but eventually i needed something with a bit more oomph

I tried one or two different readers and i’m currently using RSS Bandit.

RSS Bandit is easy to use. Has a built in web browser which is a nice touch and also has the ability to use “remote storage”. This means i can upload my feeds to some location (currently I’m using a SharePoint site via WebDav) and when i get home i can download them and carry on where i left off. Plus you can use XSLT to change the style of the post which is pretty cool

Only downside is that it uses a little too much memory for my liking and some feeds it doesn’t handle too well

I’ve seen the RSS features in the Outlook 2007 beta and i’m quite excited about using that properly but i’m waiting for the finished product as i follow the “don’t use beta software on production machines” mantra and i mainly reed my feeds on my PC in the office

I’ve digressed a little from why i started this post!

Ed Bott blogged about tidying up his feed list after inspiration from Adrian

Adrian lost 40 blogs from his 950(!) feeds and Ed dropped 10 from his 225 feeds

I don’t quite have that many feeds. (I’m at 79 ) but i currently have 1400 unread posts! Part of the problem i have is that i subscribe to a blog based on one post i have read. Then after a couple more posts i realise that i’m not that interested in anything else that blog is talking about but don’t delete it because something else might come up in the future! Rubbish!

There are certain blogs in list that i browse straight to and they never have an unread count so i’m going to move all these into a new category (favourite or something) and then start culling the crap and keep the things i like to check but don’t read on regular basis (e.g I’m subscribed to the Community Submitted Scripts Center)

I’ll post again when to see how much i’ve removed

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