Backup Exec and Daylight Savings

This morning i got an e-mail from a customer to let me know he hadn’t received his usual message to let him know the backup had completed

I duly logged onto the server and noticed the backup job had completed successfully

and then it hit me..

This year in the UK, Saturday 28th, signalled the end of British Summer Time which meant our clocks went back an hour and we get an extra bit of sleep. (I didn’t, six month old babies don’t know about daylight savings)

Twice a year Backup Exec always clears out the notifications settings when we change our clocks for daylight savings. Normally after daylight savings the first thing i do when i next get into the office is to reset all the notifications. (For some reason i forgot this year)

It’s been like this for as long as i can remember in every Backup Exec version i’ve seen

Also i can’t ever remember seeing a knowledge base article (or anything) about it so thought i’d have another look today

This article is for version 9.1 but guess it still applies

The article acknowledges the problem and provides the following fix

To resolve the issue, reselect the recipient check boxes after a time change occurs.

That’s not a fix. What if you manage lots of copies of backup exec? I spent the morning logging onto all the servers we look after that run backup exec. Luckily for me it’s not in the hundreds but what if it was?

Second issue i have with this is that the current version is 10d. As i said above this has been going on for years so why hasn’t anything been done about it?

Is it really so difficult to sort out?


As pointed out in the comments by Charlies this has indeed been fixed in version 11 (finally)

I did my usual “sweep” this weekend to reset all the notifications and the server we had with 11d installed had no problem.

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2 thoughts on “Backup Exec and Daylight Savings

  • Thanks for the KB citation. I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

    I notice also that on many (though not all) of my 10d servers the time for the job changed from 11:30pm to 12:30am, which effectively cancelled the jobs, since they were then scheduled for the day before, if you see what I mean. Fortunately this happened on a Friday night, so I was able to resart the jobs with no harm done. But WTF?

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