Scripts are your friends

Just reading a post from the “Addicted to IT” blog

Why SBSers should be writing more scripts!

The gist of the article is that you don’t need to be a programmer to create scripts and they are so useful that they can help out in all sorts of different ways

Have to say i complety agree on this one. I do have a slight advantage in that i do have some programming experience (which i’ll post about some other time) but to create scripts (vb or js) isn’t difficult. They are so many resources to get you started and the examples on the Microsoft script centre sometimes means you don’t actually need to write anything..cos it’s already been done for you!

The post also goes on to talk about re-using scripts.

This is something i do a lot. I’ll write a script for a specific task then a some point in the future i’ll grap parts of it so dont have to waste time figuring it all out again. For example i was having a problem with a script that copies data from one server to another so created a logging function. Now i drop that code in every new script so i get more detail on whats happening!

The more scripts you create the easier it gets as you can reuse parts over and over again!

I have a SharePoint list that i keep all my scripts in. This lets me search for specific tasks. When i get around to it i’ll maybe categorise them for easier access

Scripts are very powerful and can make lots of boring repetitive tasks nice and easy 

Visit the Microsoft Script Center and get started!

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