Internet Explorer Shortcuts

Steve Clayton mentions his favourite IE shortcut where you can add “www” and “.com” onto the end of a word

 e.g hotmail ctrl + enter becomes

This is a shortcut i also use lots during the day and is such a time saver

Just added onto this you can specify your own shortcut.

When i press ctrl+shift+ enter i get “www” and “” added on

To change the suffix goto


At the bottom of the dialog you can specify your suffix here


For more information about IE shortcuts you can go to the IE Quick Reference page where there are lots of useful keyboard shortcuts

You can even download the page as a pdf to print out!

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2 thoughts on “Internet Explorer Shortcuts

  • Just a possible addendum – it’s possible in Active Directory to use Group Policies to disable this behaviour, so if people try this at thier work and don’t have much success (like I do), it’s probably due to a GPO being applied to them. There shouldn’t be any issues using this at home though.

    (Man I miss this at work)

  • Hi Matt

    A valid point to make.
    I guess it depends on how mean your system admins are being!

    I haven’t seen the group policy ADM files for IE7 yet so not sure how much this can be locked down or tweaked.
    We normally disable the tabs they dont need such as security, connections, etc but leave them access to the General tab and lock down settings we want to enfore such as home page.

    Notice your up in Stoke! A large portion of my client base is in the Stoke/Newcastle area. I’m actually there tomorrow doing some SharePoint work

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