Got my Vista on

Our action pack arrived last week so i spent yesterday upgrading my PC to Vista and installing Office 2007

The installation went (generally) well. I opted for a clean install so i’m still in the process of tweaking everything to my liking

So far i’m pretty impressed. Even though i ran the beta for a while it’s nice to keep finding out things!

Also performance seems ok. The machine i ran the beta on had twice as much RAM as my main PC but this is still pretty responsive.

I’m also very impressed with Office 2007 so far. I’m spending lots of time in Outlook so getting used to that and spent lasts night poking through OneNote. I’ve heard lots of good things about OneNote but i never really “got it” before. However i’m going to try and make it part of my working day so we’ll see how that goes.

When i was doing my backups before the upgrade i forgot to export my RSS feeds. I do have a copy of an old OPML file somewhere but i’m going to use it as an exercise for trimming the dead wood. Currently i only have four feeds

Coding Horror, SBSDiva, Vladville, UK SMB Girl

Certainly makes a difference from what i had before. I’ll add others in as i come across them

I’ll post more thoughts and tips as i find them!

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