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My first Vista tip!

I’m loving the sidebar at the moment. I changed the options so that it is always on top and dropped a couple of useful things on there.

Clock, it’s a bit more visible than the clock in the system tray.

Remote Desktop Connection Gadget – allows me to quickly Remote Desktop into any of the servers i’m looking after

Slideshow – I use this to cycle pictures of my daughter

So i dropped the slideshow gadget onto the sidebar. Created a search to only find pictures that are tagged with my daughers name and i tried to point the gadget at the search…no not happening.

I was a little bit annoyed that i couldn’t do this. It meant i’d have to create a seperate folder and it starts to do away with the whole “tagging” feature (which i really love btw!)

Anyway a bit of digging this morning comes up with the following from the sidebar team blog

1)      Create an actual folder

2)      Perform a search of pictures

3)      Save search to created folder

4)      Point the Slideshow gadget at the created folder

5)      Make sure “Include subfolders”  is checked


Lo and behold it works!

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