Improve Internet Explorer 7

Just a quick post for to showcase an Internet Explorer add-in i’ve been using for a couple of months now I don’t usually go for browser add-ins (IE uses more than enough memory thanks) but the features seemed to good to be true Tab Management, Built-in add blocking, Mouse Gestures, Save a page to an

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Need a Wii?

This isn’t a gaming blog but i can’t post about XBox 360 & PS3 without mentioning the Wii When i initially heard about the Wii i thought it would be the end of Nintendo. No Hi-Def graphics, a gimicky controller? How wrong was i? I have to applaud Nintendo for trying to be innovative. They

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PS3 Available In The UK Today

Finally if you have £425 of loose change you too can own a PS3 today! (plus whatever you need to spend on cables, games, controllers) This article on the BBC News site talks about how police are concerned that muggings may be occur while people are trying to get their brand new kit at midnight! ******Disclaimer ******

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Microsoft Blogs Resource

Just passing on the knowledge Steve Clayton posted about a directory of Microsoft Blogs on Seattle PI Very interesting…i found an XBox blog i didn’t know about They are organised by technology (e.g Server, Office, etc) and hopefully will grow as it gets added to Excellent resource!