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I’ve been working on an InfoPath solution for one of our customers. I’ve certainly learnt quite a bit while doing this.

Just wanted to post about this excellent tip

I needed a list of SharePoint users in a drop-down list box.

Your can’t access the user list in the same way you would a standard list

This post from Jan Tielen shows how to give one of the web services a kick to return the information you need. The post is very in depth but it’s actually pretty straightforward and i had it working in no time

Top marks to Jan!

#Note 1 # I used this on Sharepoint 2003 & Infopath 2003. I’m not sure if any of this applies for 2007

#Note 2 # Jan’s tip talks in the conext of a Visual Studio based solution. This particular project didn’t call for that but it still works perfectly well if your using vbscript in the background

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