Express Upgrade? Whats express about it?

** Rant warning **

My Dad was looking to buy a new pc. He had a modest budget but was keen on getting Windows Vista

He decided to buy a Dell PC with Windows XP Media Centre Edition installed and take advantage of the Express Upgrade offer so that he could still get Vista

As soon as the pc arrived he placed his order for the upgrade and payed for the carriage.

He heard nothing from Dell for weeks. He sent an email to their customer services department and was told they would be shipping “towards the end of February”

It’s now the middle of March and he’s still waiting for his disk

Now i appreciate there are lots of logistics in getting the orders out.

My point is though if he’d waited a couple more weeks he could have bought the PC with Vista on it. It’s been out for a couple of months now!

Now all he has is a PC that he’s scared to do anything with in as he wants the upgrade process to go as smoothly as possible!

Dell have since apologised on their blog but it’s not really good enough 

Sort it out please!

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