Dell Vista Express Upgrade Issues Still Going on in April!

** Update **

As always happens in these situations the day after i posted this the upgrade kit arrived in the post.

My Dad is still annoyed that it took four months and probably wont buy anything from Dell for some time (if ever)


I posted a while back about how my Dad had bought a new Dell machine and was waiting for his upgrade to Windows Vista

I spotted a new entry on the Dell blog 

They are blaming “third parties” for the delays.

It says towards the end of the post that they are expecting international orders (UK included) to have shipped by the end of May. First it was “end of February”, then “end of March”. It’s April now and by the time May comes thats a long wait for the consumer who placed orders over Christmas

Customer services are of no help and when looking at the order on the web site it’s just displayed as “in progress”. This has supposedly been changed from “pending” to avoid confusion!!!

Understand that Dell have to deal with third parties but it shouldn’t take four months to keep their customers informed?

I can’t imagine how much business this will loose Dell long term. Yes you can place the blame on other people but the consumer sees it as a Dell logistics problem so they simply wont buy Dell products again

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