Am i getting the wrong end of the stick?

The is a post over on SBSDiva about tool for moving profiles to a new domain

Stop me if i’m completly missing the point of this tool but can’t you already do this

When you run the connectcomputer wizard you already get option of moving profiles to new user accounts

From the SBS 2003 Administrators Guide

“To migrate existing documents and program settings that are stored in a local user profile to the new domain user profile, select the domain user account in the Assigned User column, and then select the local user profile to migrate in the Current User Settings box. Click Next when you’re finished assigning users to the computer and migrating user accounts.”

I’ve used this method quite successfully a few times.

Please let me know if i’m just not getting it?

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3 thoughts on “Am i getting the wrong end of the stick?

  • There are at least two important cases where this doesn’t work:

    * if you’re using Windows Server, not SBS
    * if you’re moving from one domain to another (you don’t have the account on a local user)

    Moving users is the most important function of ProfileTool, but not the only thing it does. Any more suggestions are welcomed.


  • Have you seen a situation where the local profile does not appear in the connectcomputer wizard?

    I’m running sbs2003 w/sp2, but it happened when I was just on sp1 also. Trying to connect WinXP sp2 machines that are completely patched.

    When I join a new machine (or a repurposed one), to the domain, I always setup a new profile on the client machine and add it to the local admin group. Occasionally, when I run the connectcomputer wizard, the profile will not show up in the ‘Current User Settings’ combo box.

    I can’t figure out why this is happening and haven’t been able to find this exact situation anywhere on the web. Hopefully you’ve run into this and have a solution.

    Thanks for any insight you have,

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