Joystick Nostalgia

There is an article over on CNET about the greatest game controllers of all time

Obviously it’s all down to opinion so thought i’d add some comments of my own

Atari 2600

While this is a classic i actually preffered the Atari CX24 joystick as it was so comfortable to hold


I would go as far as saying this is currently my favourite controller ever. It was so easy to hold and every button press was instinctive. The amount of time i put into Street Fighter 2 and my fingers still work! The Mega Drive controller didn’t stand a chance for me against this and their attempt at adding an extra three buttons just didn’t work

Nintendo 64

When i first saw this i in magazines (there wasn’t much of an Internet then!) i didn’t think it would work. I thought that after the SNES controller it would be a total flop. How wrong was I! Mario 64 was amazing to play with it and it felt so natural in the hand whatever position you used it in. My only complaint (and why the SNES is still my favourite) was that the camera buttons (the yellow ones) were a different size to the other two which made it harder in some games as it didn’t feel as natural after using the SNES


This controllor grew on me the more i used it. It fitted perfectly in my hand and there were plenty of buttons to utilise. This ultimately became my main gripe with it as i’d taken to casual gaming by the release of the PSone/PS2 so didn’t use it enough to become totally used to it. The rumble control was fantastic though and far better than the N64 add on. I was quite surprised when Sony didn’t make too many changes to it for the PS3

XBOX 360

I really enjoy using the 360 controller and after going wireless i can’t imagine using a wired controller again. I leave my controller lying around the living room the same way i leave my TV remote! Interested to see how the keyboard plug in works. My biggest gripe with it is the d-thumbpad (thingy) as it isn’t as responsive as other controller before it (SNES/PS) which is really important when you after that final Tetris achievement!

Other Mentions

I actually love the original XBox controller. Even it if was massive. I know that it was eventually replaced by the controller S but i couldn’t get used to it

The NES controller…what a gaming ICON!

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