PST Files Unsupported on LAN

We recently did some data reorganising at one of client sites

The idea was to make the folder structure reflect the current organision (some departments had been merged, made redundant,etc), setup new permissions and setup new network drives for easy access

One of the users reported that he didn’t want drive X: to disappear as his Outlook PST wouldn’t work


We all know that PSTs on your file servers are bad but users always ask “why?” so i thought i’d see if i could come up with some official reference to point him at

First up, the official line is in the guise of a Microsoft KB article

PSTs stored on the LAN (or WAN) have been officially unsupported since Exchange 4

I also found an entry on the Enterprise Platforms Support Windows Server Performance team blog (or Ask the the performance team which is easier!) which shows off a so real world information which you don’t always get with a KB article and goes into a bit details as to why PST have such an impact on performance

After speaking to the client he wanted to use PST files so that he could archive any old messages to keep them away from his Mailbox (storage limits in place) but still have access to them on a daily basis

He is going to create the PST file on his local drive but use the Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders Backup tool (more info here so that he can get them covered by the file server backup. I haven’t used the tool before so if there is anything weird or wonderful i’ll post about it

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