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Warning…football (soccer) analogy!!

I’ve had this idea for a post rattling around in my head but i’m not sure if will work so bear with me 🙂 

When i’m not doing geeky techie stuff my other passion is football. I love playing and one of the things i do is play 5-a-side every week

I hurt my back last week so was unable to play. The day after the game i got similar comments from a couple of people,

“We played ok but our tracking back and defending wasn’t as good without you there”

Now i’m no superstar. I’m ok but i’m not the fastest, most skilled or the best defender so what is it about me that makes the team perform better just by being there?

I played tonight and tried to figure it out.

Basically i do lots of talking and shouting whether i’m on the pitch or off it. I organise people, i encourage, i kick their ass if their not doing their job and make sure that the whole team is focused on winning the game. I don’t make a special effort to do this. It’s just how i play the game

So where am i going with this?

The SBS Community is like this. It performs just fine as a rule but it’s the unspoken work of promiment members who ensure that everyone else puts in their bit

It’s things like key blog posts, the SBS PALS, SBS MVPs and as i mentioned before some shouting can help as well

These are just four people who fit into this category but I could fill the page with examples and links to other people who also do the same things but part of the point is i shouldn’t need to.

The more you figure out for yourself about whats going on in SBS/SMB it’s pretty easy to figure out who is giving the team a timely push, encouraging individuals as well as doing the same work as everyone else

Let’s hope they don’t all get transferred to different teams!

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