Why bother with support…do it yourself!

Maybe the title is a bit harsh…but that’s pretty much how it happened!

*Note* So you don’t have to read all of this if your a Virgin Media Customer using Windows Vista and can’t download music from the SonicSelect (OD2Music) server add the following to “trusted sites”. If your interesting in why then please read on 🙂
****** http://*.od2.com  and  http://*.virginmedia.com ********

As part of my new shiny broadband package i get three free music downloads a month (£2.55 value!) from SonicSelect (OD2Music)

Know if you have read my blog for any length of time you’ll know i’m not a great fan of “DRM’d” music 

But i do love a bargain and it’s free music so thought i’d give it a go. So followed the instructions for signing up and installed their software and found a couple of tracks i was interested in. Click the download button, it got to about 60% and boom…

“Error 3(4)”

not very helpful! So tried a couple of other tracks and exactly the same. Gets to about 60% and just dies. So i tried the support section of the site and then promptly wished i hadn’t as it was a waste of time
If i had been paying for these tracks that would been it, custom going elsewhere, but since its free and i get it every month i sent them an email with as much info as i could (OS, browser, AV, firewall, etc)

The first response i got back was this

This error suggests a problem with the track save location specified in Windows Media Player.Please try the following:
1. Create a new folder on your PC in the root of your C:\ drive called “My Music”
2. Open Windows Media Player
3. Select “Tools”
4. Select “Options”
5. Select “Rip Music” (or “Copy Music” if you have an earlier version of Windows Media Player)
6. Click “Change..” and navigate to the newly created folder C:\My Music
7. Click “OK”.

I was a little dubious but tried it anyway with no luck. After that the replies i got were along the lines of “have you uninstalled and reinstalled”, “have you checked your firewall settings”, “have you checked your anti-virus”

Anyway, the first email got me thinking. He mentioned that the error message relates to a problem with the save location so decided to follow that avenue and that was when it hit me

I’m using Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista…….


When using protected mode the website you visit is essentially in a “sandbox” and has very limited access to the system, including my Music folder!

I added the site to my “trusted sites” page. It still didn’t work but something was different. Every time i visited the page i insisted i wasn’t logged in

To access the site you have to login via the Virgin Media Member Center. I figured they must share a cookie or something so added that trusted sites and it all started working!

I emailed support back with the information but i’m yet to hear anything back

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