SBS burned into the brain

Nice post over on coding horror about how baby ducks become instantly attached to the first thing they see and how we do similar things with software

“Baby Duck Syndrome is the tendency for computer users to “imprint” on the first system they learn, then judge other systems by their similarity to that first system. The result is that users generally prefer systems similar to those they learned on and dislike unfamiliar systems. “

It’s a fair point. Just look at the whole Windows vs Mac vs Linux thing!

Most people (not everyone) who insist that one operating system is better generally haven’t even given the alternatives a fair go. It’s the same with tons of different things

  • Visual Basic vs Whatever!
  • MS SQL vs MySql
  • ASP vs PHP
  • Firefox vs IE
  • Blackberry vs Windows Mobile
  • You get the idea….

Are we the same with SBS?

Vijay posted recently about IBM’s latest strategy to move into the SMB market, and how we all scoffed 🙂

But what if IBM managed to put together a system that contained all the components of SBS and some extra killer apps and sold it for half the price?

Obviously as we’re all smart business people it’s part of our jobs to ensure we’re working with the best solutions :-p

 Now if you’ll excuse me i’m off to go hug my R2 media pack

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