Just Like Buses…

You wait for one and two turn up at once….

I’ve been using google reader for about week now and i’m generally happy with it. Then David Overton goes and posts about his current reader, RikReader

It looks pretty nice and it does have one thing that Google Reader doesn’t have, integration with the IE RSS list. This isn’t really a massive problem though

However, it doesn’t have mobile viewing capabilities (as far as i can tell) so i’ll be sticking to Google Reader for now. I will keep an eye on it though as it looks interesting

The other interesting thing about David’s post is that he shares his OPML file (he may have done this before but it’s the first time i’ve spotted it)

This is the sort of thing i love though!

If i can see the stuff people whose blogs i read and opinions i value are reading, that can only help me find better content and i get to see what interests them (not me though by the look of it….lol)

I saw a similar thing with Robert Scoble’s shared feed. I subscribed to that and while there were a lot of interesting articles in it….i was only interested in a small portion of the content however so i haven’t moved it over to my google reader (yet….)

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4 thoughts on “Just Like Buses…

  • I use Google reader as well, one great feature I only discovered recently is a interface desgined for use with the Nintendo Wii browser which works really well.

    I now quite often eat sit and eat my breakfast and read the latest sat in front of the big screen.

  • Andy, what do you off-line viewing capbilites – if you let me know I will inform Dan and perhaps he can add it πŸ™‚ I’m in the middle of a download at the moment(3+GB for Visual Studio 2008), so can’t test it just yet.



  • Hi David

    Offline viewing?
    At the moment i don’t…google reader does have google gears capability but i haven’t looked at it (yet)

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