Tafiti – Microsoft Search Interface

Spotted a post on Tim’s IT Writing talking about a BETA UI for live search

TAFITI – meaning “to research” in Swahili

The interface is done using Silverlight and i’m impresed with how nice it looks

It allows you to filter your search on the web, feeds, photos,books. There is an interesting “tree view”, a “shelf” you can drop items onto to check out later and it easily allows you to search on the returned results

Tim thing=ks one of it’s shortcomings is that when click a search result it tries to open in a new window and if your pop-up blocker is in the way you get a big message telling you so. I agree with Tim in that it would nice if you could open in a new tab thus keeping the search results visible

At the moment i can’t see it becoming my default search but it’s nice to see some experimentation. Also MS have come up with a cool project name again (ala, Popfly, Surface, Zune) instead of “Microsoft Search Interface”

Take a look!

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