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We use internet banking heavily at home. I can understand how people can get nervous about it though as you just have a user name and password protecting all your money (or lack of it)!

The picture that i’ve attached is something we got from Natwest a couple of weeks ago. Basically it’s a calculator that doubles up as a card reader.

When performing certain actions you are prompted by the website you insert your bank card, enter your PIN and your given a one time code to enter (two factor authentication anyone?!)

Neat little idea. It’s pretty cool how it has another use as well. Kudos to the bank for taking security seriously

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2 thoughts on “Little ideas

  • I received one of these a short while ago.

    What I hadn’t realised before using this reader is that the pin number of your bank card is actually stored on the card.

    I had previously assumed that whenever you use chip’n’pin or an ATM that the PIN was checked against a central database at the moment you enter it.

    I now understand why card cloning is such big business!

    I do like the added security of this system, but it has proved to be a pain when trying to perform certain transactions when you are not at home which require the reader.

  • Thanks for the comment Paulie

    It is very scary. I’ve been the victim of card fraud in the past and i don’t think chip and pin is enough

    Why can’t they store a small photograph of the user on the chip. Then when they use the card it will show up on the screen in the shop?
    Bit late now i guess!

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