Technet Event -Manchester -September 20th 2007

Yesterday was a very gruelling day, i left the house at 06:00 and arrived back home at 23:45 after driving a few hundred miles just so i could attend the Windows 2008 & Virtualisation technet event! The day was well worth the trip though. (Richard has already blogged about this so go check that out as it’s a great review!)

On the whole the event was very good. I picked up lots of knowledge about where Microsoft are going with their virtulisation offering and the management tools look pretty slick. As i’m sure your aware the single biggest reason for virtualisation is reducing the amount of physical servers you have to manage (so less electricity, less cooling, less space, etc)

On the drive home i had plenty of time to think about where all this fits into the SMB area as we rarely have a need for server consolidation. You can’t go from one server to no servers!

My thinking at the moment is that some of our more tech savvy clients may be looking to utilise more technology but are held back on price. By using virtual servers you can make a large saving by purchasing less hardware

I’m a little “apprehensive” about running virtual servers on a box that is already running SBS but would be interested to hear if anyone is currently doing this?

I was looking forward to the evening event as i was interested in the seeing some of the sideshow stuff. It’s something that hopefully we gather pace over the next year or so as people start to get creative with the technology (who doesn’t want a fridge magnet that can have your calendar on it?!) 

The home server kit they had on display was pretty cool as well

They certainly looked after us as well and i was gutted i couldn’t sample any of the free beer as i had to drive home!

Richard seemed to think i was a bit excited about the new Halo 3 trailer they showed us. That’s probably the understatement of the year!  My fab wife as pre-ordered this for me so that’ll tell you how much of a Halo geek i am!

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