It took how long?

Yet another customer service rant..i hate posting about it to be honest but if no-one complains then it’ll never get sorted!

I decided to treat myself to a new gadget this week. I wanted to get the HD-DVD add-on for the XBox. Having a quick look around and PC World have a “web only offer” thats cheaper than anywhere else as far as i can tell

They also have a slight loophole on their site that means you can order online but go collect it yourself so no delivery charge

The PC World branch is the other side of Coventry so a slight detour on the way home but no problem, go in, pick it up, go home? Wrong!

The reservation confirmation i got told me to go to the “Collect @ Store” desk so thats where i went. In this particular store “The Tech Guys” service desk is next to the collection desk

So there are two people waiting already, one at each desk so i join the queue for the collection point. No staff around to help us and we all stand around looking at each other. After about ten minues somone finally turns up and helps out the first person (who is in my queue). He then moves onto the person waiting at repair desk (One person for two desks?)

She has a faulty laptop so they are trying to sort that out so i just have to wait. Forty minutes later i’m finally seen to.

I give the guy my confirmation note and he disappears out the back. He comes out looking puzzled so disappears again. Finally he comes back to me and says

“We do have these in stock but you’ll need to go and find a member of staff on the shop floor and they’ll fetch it for you”


So i’ve been there for fifty minutes already when i could have just grabbed somebody when i walk in

I then try and find someone and in typically there is not enough staff and too many people. It took me another fifteen minutes to get someone to actually help me.

I explained what i needed and she said

“Just wait here and i’ll go get it”

So i stood and waited. Ten minues later she finally came back with the item so we trotted off to the till

It took another ten minutes to pay as she couldn’t get her head around the fact i’d reserved it online for one price but the store price was different

All i wanted to do was go in and collect an item i had reserved.

Why should it take an hour and twenty five minutes?

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Andy Parkes is Technical Director at Coventry based IT support company IBIT Solutions. Formerly, coordinator of AMITPRO and Microsoft Partner Area Lead for 2012-2013. He also isn't a fan of describing himself in the third person.

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2 thoughts on “It took how long?

  • It’s no consolation to you – but this happens in absolutely every PC World store I’ve ever been in – and has happened twice to me in the past week at different stores the opposite ends of the country! In my righteous rage I’ve even gone and grabbed one of the feckless shop floor staff who were stood around chatting to one another and asked them to serve me, only to be greeted with the old chesnut “I don’t work tills, sorry”. A trick I’ve found is to do some research and find out the local store Managers name, and then ask for him by first name when the jobsworth’s aren’t helping you. They’ll often shuffle off for a few seconds and then come back with “He’s not available, but I guess I can help”…

  • Shocking isn’t it

    This certainly isn’t my first poor experience at PC World and only go there if i really don’t have any other choice

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