KB929729 Windows Update Failure on Vista

I meant to blog about this at the time but forgot until i was just reminded about it

I was over at my parents house and my dad had been trying to run Windows Update.

He had one update that just wouldn’t install – KB929729 Security Update for .NET 1.1

I found a very helpful post by Peter Broomberg that pointed me in the right direction.

The steps you need to follow are: 

1) Instead of using Windows Update, download the KB929729 package from here:
Do not install yet.

2) Run cleanup tool:

and select remove (cleanup) .NET Framework 1.1 from the dropdown list.

3) Download the .Net framework 1.1 redistributable package from here

and install it.

4) Download the .Net Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1
and install it.

5) Finally, launch the KB929729 installer and it will work: 

As far as i can tell the problem is because of previous versions of the framework being installed

My dad got a Dell PC last year and was part of the Vista Express Upgrade programme

So the PC came installed with XP which was then upgraded to Vista

The problem is to do with 1.1 framework still hanging around after the upgrade.

I followed the steps and the his windows update looks much healthier now

Hope this helps!

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5 thoughts on “KB929729 Windows Update Failure on Vista

  • Ei.. you need to restart the computer.. after removing the .net framework || and also after you install the framework program.. but still, your a life saver! thanks a lot!!

  • Why mention downloading the the KB929729 package in step one and then go to the extra trouble to make sure someone doesn’t install it? Why don’t you just move the download instructions into to step 5?

    Besides that, really great tip. Thanks.

  • Aktlodpiym2, that’s a fair point.

    It’s not my solution though…i did put in the post i’d found the answer elsewhere

    Your quite right though it could be moved to step 5

    Thanks for the comment

  • Thanks a lot! After months of irritating error messages I finally found the solution here. Well done!

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