Expert Advice

If your a regular reader of this blog you know i don’t really go in for scathing attacks….but bear with me on this one Last week i needed to go see a client to change a suspect hard disk. I took an IDE drive with me as i had new one in the office which

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Kaseya Seminar (Birmingham)

Kaseya are holding a seminar at Villa Park on Tuesday 20th November to show off their current offering It was fully booked but i’ve just been told they have managed to get a larger room If anyone is interested in attending please let me know asap and i’ll pass your details on to get registered

Server 2008 Virtualisation thoughts

Microsoft this week announced details of packing, licensing, etc for Windows Server 2008 The part that initially passed me by was this,  (trimmed down for brevity) Microsoft Hyper-V Server, a hypervisor-based server virtualization product, complements the Hyper-V technology within Windows Server 2008, allowing customers to consolidate workloads onto a single physical server. The estimated manufacturer’s

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Long live vbscript

I know Powershell is the next best thing in scripting but i’m still a big VBScript fan. There are lots of resources for helping you create powerful scripts I spotted the following on the Microsoft Download site The Hey, Scripting Guy! Archive: Volume 2 (August 2004 – September 2007) – The first three years of

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Certification Renewals

The first post on James new blog reminded me of something that i’ve been querying recently I’ve been working with Sonicwall products for years. It started in my previous job so made sense to continue to use them when we started our company. One of the things i did was to take the official training

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Small world gets smaller

I like to read Matthew Mullenweg’s blog Why? Well he’s Mr WordPress! So i guess he really is a blogging celebrity (what a crappy pun) Anyway i had to look twice at a post entitled “Best WP Newspaper Site” He said, “The Express and Star is “Britain’s biggest and best regional newspaper online” and was founded

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