Small world gets smaller

I like to read Matthew Mullenweg’s blog

Why? Well he’s Mr WordPress! So i guess he really is a blogging celebrity (what a crappy pun)

Anyway i had to look twice at a post entitled “Best WP Newspaper Site”

He said,

“The Express and Star is “Britain’s biggest and best regional newspaper online” and was founded in the 1880s. If you look closely, you’ll notice that their entire site including every article and feature is powered by WordPress. They now take the crown from NY Times for having the best URLs of a news site. (Though the Times now has clean URLs on their blogs.)”

Did he say the Express and Star?

The Express and Star has taken the crown from the New York Times??

The express and star is a local newspaper for the West Midlands (where i grew up) and if you lived in Walsall as i did it was the best place to find out all the comings and goings in the area

My dad buys the express and star every day and i applied for my first computing job via an advert in the Express and Star

It shows how the Internet sure brings the world that bit closer together when someone from America who is involved with one of the biggest blogging platforms on the planet (just added their 300th server!) can be complimentary about my local rag!

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