Server 2008 Virtualisation thoughts

Microsoft this week announced details of packing, licensing, etc for Windows Server 2008

The part that initially passed me by was this,  (trimmed down for brevity)

Microsoft Hyper-V Server, a hypervisor-based server virtualization product, complements the Hyper-V technology within Windows Server 2008, allowing customers to consolidate workloads onto a single physical server. The estimated manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for Microsoft Hyper-V Server is $28 (U.S.).

$28 dollars!!

It didn’t quite strike me what was happening here until i read James O’Neill’s comment,

“There will be a Hyper-v Server edition (I’m told ‘imagine Server core with no other roles’ …) at $28.”

This is a big deal. Especially for small businesses (if i’m interpreting this right!)

I commented previously how some of our clients could make big savings buying less hardware to run multiple servers. This makes it more attractive as you have one less operating system to buy which brings the cost down even more. Remember the virtual operating systems don’t even have to be Microsoft operating systems!

A server operating system specially meant for running other virtual operating systems is very interesting.

Look forward to reading more about this as the Server 2008 release gets closer

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3 thoughts on “Server 2008 Virtualisation thoughts

  • $28 is from the offical Microsoft press release!

    Imagine needing to deploy 10 virtual linux boxes. Now you can do it without needing to buy a full blown server licence

  • Finally, eh? VMWare’s been crushing Microsoft in the virtual machine space for two years now. Not sure if it will level the playing field – $28, Free, whatever… but at least they’ve got some Enterprise-class skin in the game.

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