Learning Office 2007

I’m always learning when it comes to the office suite. I consider myself a bit of an office power user but i’m always picking up new things it can do. The single phrase i hear time and time again when i’m doing something in office and someone is watching is “I didn’t know you could do that”

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I’m Mobile

When we first started the business we paid a stupid amount of money on mobiles phones. This stung so much that when it came around to the end of the contract we got a really cheap contract with a pretty basic phone. While this was fine it meant i was missing out on push email

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Buy Now, Try Later

I’m not going to name and shame this time but was a little disappointed at a recent response i got to a query Basically “Company X” had a hosted service i was interested in. I wanted to know how their management tools worked on a day-to-day basis. I’m already a customer with them so i

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For your blogroll

Just thought i’d pass on an interesting blog i came across today Chris Knight’s – Knight Time Ramblings Some great posts and some SBS specific content, including hacking SBS backup if your brave enough Keep up the good work Chris!