Could i ask for a feature please Google?

Dear Google Reader Team,

Could you do one of two things for me please?

Either put an undo button somewhere or move the refresh button away from the mark all as read button…..


Last night i was doing some bits and pieces, it was late and i accidently clicked the mark all as read button when i meant to press refresh

“It’s your own stupid fault for having so many unread items”

Hmmmm….maybe but i have a “system” for reading my feeds

When i first get to the office while i’m having my first cup of tea and before the office actually opens i’ll browse through whats new.

I’ll take a look at the title and the length, who has posted it, how i have the feed tagged and a couple of other factors

Depending on these variables i’ll either mark it as read but ignore it, actually read it or mark it as unread . Then later on in the day or week(usually weekends or evenings) i have time set aside for reading blogs, books, webcasts, etc

This does mean i can get a build up of unread posts that i think a relevant

Now i’m sure someone is going to say, “why don’t you create an tag for the posts you want to come back to”

The simple answer is marking a post as read/unread is a simple press of the M key. So if i’m dealing with a large number of post the keyboard shortcuts are godsend and tagging is just too many keypresses

There’s another feature idea…..

It would be cool if I could assign a couple of tags to shortcut keys. This would get around the problem i have and would also make my unread count look healthier!

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