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I wasn’t going to post about this but this post from Richard Tubb and the email i got that went with it convinced me otherwise as he makes a good point

It’s really easy to complain about poor customer service but it’s far to easy forget when it works out really well

We put a new HP server in for customer the week before Christmas. I finished on the Friday and thought that was it till the new year

I came in to the office on Christmas Eve and i’d had some alerts from the server management agent reporting there was a problem
I ran the diagnostic utilities and it plainly reported back, “replace the cache board”
I called HP support to log the fault.
I explained that because of the Christmas break arranging site access to coincide with an engineer would be difficult
They gave me the option of booking an engineer in the new year or they would send the parts to our directly to our office
I took the parts delivery option. In total it took just ten minutes to log the call and arrange for the parts to be shipped
From when i made the call to the parts being in my hands was a little over two hours! on christmas eve!
You can’t fault service like that
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Andy Parkes is Technical Director at Coventry based IT support company IBIT Solutions. Formerly, coordinator of AMITPRO and Microsoft Partner Area Lead for 2012-2013. He also isn't a fan of describing himself in the third person.

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