Vista Service Pack 1 – installed

I don’t normally post about this sort of news as i haven’t exactly got the scoop on it and there is nothing worse than reading the same thing over and over again when your going through your feeds! But thought i’d post on this from a personal point view

So as i’ve mentioned above, i’m sure your aware Vista SP1 is available to download if you’re a technet or MSDN subscriber

I decided to go for it this afternoon and i can report the installation appeared to go smoothly. I ran the setup, let it do it’s thing and an hour later it reported a successful upgrade

I plan to upgrade the home systems over the weekend and i’ll report back in about a week with my experiences

I read here (and varous other places) that the SuperFetch data will get trashed on installation so in some situations performance may seem worse for a little while until it’s figured out your “habits”

I’ve got a performance issue with my home PC where the CPU gets pegged at 100% for about twenty minutes when i first turn the system on (task manager reports TrustedInstaller.exe, i understand this is to do with Windows Update) and i’m hoping the service pack will sort this out.

I’ve been running with the service pack in the office for a couple of hours now and it does seem more responsive but i haven’t given it my usual hammering yet so we’ll see how i get on over the next week

Have a good weekend!

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