So Long and thanks for all the Hi-Def fish

I’m sure you have read some recently about the imminent death of the HD-DVD

That was my first line when i started to write this post. As i was looking for the link for the official HD-DVD page i found this article with the “breaking news” that today February 19th is the day Toshiba finally threw in the towel and discontinued their HD-DVD business

I’ve blogged before about how i wished the “format wars” would just pack up and go home so i’m glad this has finally been sorted

I’m just disappointed i’ve picked the loser! Though to be fair i only picked HD-DVD because it fitted in well with the XBox 360 as my gaming machine of choice. I would never have spent hundreds of pounds on a stand alone player (in either format) with the chance it could be a useless very soon

I currently own 8 HD-DVD titles

Average cost for a HD film is between £20-25

I got the player cheaper than usual but this was still £100 (plus the time it took to actually get it)

So total loss is between £260-£300..ouch!

I’m cheating a little here though as i got five of those for free from a promotion Microsoft were running 🙂

I’m predicting Microsoft will release a Blu-ray add for the Xbox pretty soon. Imagine if the roles were reversed though. What if you’d bought a Playstation 3 and Blu-Ray had lost. Every single person who had the console would have paid a premium for being on the losing side. A least i chose to waste my money!

Hopefully this will bring the price of Blu-ray players and discs down and we can see more widespread adoption of HD content.

It will also mean there will be a ton of HD-DVD’s that suddenly lose a lot of retail value and end up in the bargain bucket.

Who said i’d backed the wrong side? 🙂

Couple more links here

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