More SBS 2008 Thoughts

So the dust has settled a little after the SBS 2008 announcements last week

I’ve twice “complained”(here and here) about how the two server option feels to me that we’re “loosing” SQL as wasn’t sure how much of my client base would go for a second server

I also talked in that post about how i always sell the premium edition as it has positive effects in the long term

It was this post by Susan that has made me re-think my initial viewpoint

Susan talks about how the additional Windows 2008 license gives you more flexibility (“wiggle possibilities”)

I think i possibly got so caught up with the “second server” that i never gave any thought to the fact the SQL server could still go on the SBS.

If this is a support option then this makes my premium only stand-point still valid, in fact it makes it better

As before, the customer buys premium, when they grow they already have SQL Server as needed but they also have the added generic ativan sublingual bonus that when they do get to the second server stage for a terminal server/application server/whatever they already have an operating system license ready to use

You could even virtualise this second operating system so it all runs under the same hardware.

Also (as Susan mentions) a lot of my SBS 2003 client wont move to 2008 until they are ready to replace hardware. However, a lot of the servers we use a pretty decent machines so could be re-used as this second server.

As long as the SQL server is supported on the first server (not seen it mentioned either way on the official information) I’m pretty excited about the flexibility. Especially with the virtualisation possibilities with the price of Quad Core servers and RAM dropping all the time

There have also been one or two hints dropped there is more to come in the way of SBS annoucements so i’ll look forward to that

Only thing i’m worried about now is those Standard and Premium CALS……

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