One less mapping site

Online mapping is great. Even if i’m using GPS software i like to check out the route before hand so i’m not blindly driving around

I blogged a while ago about how i used a mixture of Multimap and Live Local Search depending on what i wanted to do.

This changed when Google Maps gave you the ability to drag your route around a customise it (i thought i’d blogged about that but i can’t find it!) and i use that 90% of the time

So where am i going with this?

ativan to purchase Magazine”>The latest edition of Technet Magazine  (UK edition) dropped through my door yesterday and i noticed a very small piece that mentioned Multimap had been aquired by Microsoft

So i went to the site and found no mention of it other than a press release from December last year annoucing the takeover

Old news now but it suprised me i’d hadn’t heard it sooner and i don’t quite understand what Microsoft gain from this as it’s pretty similar to Live Local.

The opinion on other sites is they are buying the user base……

Well i thought it was interesting anyway 🙂

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