Remember Audiogalaxy?

I certainly do! When using the Audiogalaxy site you installed a small piece of software which they called the “satellite”. This connected to their central servers and communicated which files were available via their users where you could then queue up music to be downloaded p2p style (some information of the software is still available

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Group Policy and Office 2007

Just a quick one… I was looking for some information on Outlook categories for a client when i stumbled across this Group Policy Overview for Office 2007 187 pages of Group policy goodness! Very in-depth It’s from the Office 2007 resource kit Other similar documents are availble here

What a busy week! (Part One)

It’s bank holiday Monday and I’m just recovering from a very very busy week. Richard Tubb has already blogged about last week from his perspective here. Once I’d read that I initially wasn’t going to bother with a post of my own for fear of repeating what he said but it’s my blog and I’ll

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Well Done Live Team

This is my first live writer post. I’ll be completely honest I didn’t really get the point the first time I saw live writer during it’s beta period. If you were writing a lot of posts offline for upload later i could maybe understand but otherwise i didn’t really get the benefits. I’m using

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AMITPRO Meeting on 11th March 2008

I’ve been so busy this week i forgot to add my usual post after an AMITPRO meeting We had two speakers this month Penny Coventry – Sharepoint MVP This was the first time we’d had any SharePoint content since i starting attending AMITPRO meetings so I was looking forward to learning something new. Especially since Penny

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