Well Done Live Team

This is my first live writer post. I’ll be completely honest I didn’t really get the point the first time I saw live writer during it’s beta period.

If you were writing a lot of posts offline for upload later i could maybe understand but otherwise i didn’t really get the benefits. I’m using wordpress.com to host my blog and that allows me to save drafts, basic formatting and allow me to insert pictures (which usually do via flickr) and IE7Pro gives me spell check capability (even though wordpress does as well) yet I’ve seen plenty of rave reviews for this software

Anyway, I wanted to install Live Photo gallery and play about with photo stitching so went to the Live website and ran their installer. I was massively impressed with the install experience


I loved the fact that while I was waiting for the program to install I could optionally add other live programs to the "queue" and download them for me while I was waiting for the other programs to install. It made the installation "interactive"

The feedback I got was great as well

"Installation may take a few minutes. Feel free to do other things while you wait"

Simple, to the point and no technical jargon to confuse the user.

Once the first program installed it also gave me the capability to run the other programs it had already finished directly from the installer

If you’ve already seen Live Photo Gallery I don’t need to tell you have good it is

Great navigation, photo stitching for panoramas is AWESOME (I’ve uploaded a couple of images I made from pictures Bryony took on a visit to Wales a few months back), integration with Live spaces and Flickr…all very slick

I’m going to give Live Writer a go for my next couple of posts as i had a bit of a scare earlier when wordpress were doing some maintenance (the post still worked though) and it also looks very nice and easy to use…I just don’t get the point at the moment

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