What a busy week! (Part One)

It’s bank holiday Monday and I’m just recovering from a very very busy week. Richard Tubb has already blogged about last week from his perspective here. Once I’d read that I initially wasn’t going to bother with a post of my own for fear of repeating what he said but it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want   😉

I’ll post this in a couple of parts so it’s not one enormous post

Monday 17th March

The quietest day of the week but still pretty huge in other ways. Today we made a job offer as we’re overdue a new member of staff. (If you’re a regular reader you’ll know this isn’t the first job offer though!)  He accepted and should start in a couple of weeks. We learnt from the last time around so hopefully it’ll be less stressful this time.

We’ve also changed our perspective for the person specification. We actually went for the person with the least experience. After we did the interviews we came away and said “if he had more experience he would be perfect”. This was because he was so keen and eager and came across so well. He was very up front about his lack of experience and said he was in the “chicken and egg” situation –

Can’t get a job due to lack of experience, can’t get the experience due to a lack of a job!

So we decided to give him a break. I remember being in a similar situation when i was trying to break into the industry and i got a couple of lucky breaks and i’m more than happy with where i am now. I also told him that if he wanted to learn about the IT industry he’ll get a great education working in small business!

Tuesday 18th March

My first part of the day was spent doing some work on a new customer site to “tidy up” so we would be happy to support it.

The first job was to put the firewall back in. The previous support company for some reason took the firewall about about a year ago. It was just left unplugged next to the router (which was the only thing protecting the network) with no real reason for it not to be used. The customer had no idea why so this went straight back in

I then spent the rest of the day trying to sort out their anti-virus. They are using McAfee Protection Pilot to manage about 12 PCs. The weird thing was that it was reporting none of the systems were up to date yet a manual check found they were. I downloaded the latest version from the McAfee web site (which took an age – why do they insist on making you download a multi-language version? I downloaded 145MB of language files I didn’t need!)

Once downloaded it just wouldn’t install. Everyone time I fixed whatever it was complaining about something else got in the way. The last straw was when I got an error telling me that i couldn’t run “auto updater” and protection pilot on the same system. Fair enough but auto updater wasn’t installed!

I gave up in the end and moved everything over to auto-updater just so it would be up and running. I’m due back there tomorrow to take another look

So I finally left site at about 19:30 where I then went to Brindley Place, Birmingham to meet Richard Tubb so we could get together with James and Barnaby from Symantec who were in town for the Microsoft launch event the day after. We spent a lot of time talking about Symantec and there position in the small business area and also got plenty of insight as to there views and opinions on small business specialists. We also tried to enlighten them both on the benefits of blogging (corporate or otherwise!) so maybe we’ll see one or both of them doing that some time soon. I got home at about 12:30 where I then spent the next couple of hours doing a few bits a pieces as I knew I’d be out of the office for the next couple of days!

End of part one!

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