Remember Audiogalaxy?

I certainly do!

When using the Audiogalaxy site you installed a small piece of software which they called the “satellite”. This connected to their central servers and communicated which files were available via their users where you could then queue up music to be downloaded p2p style (some information of the software is still available here and here)

Very much like Napster, etc but the site also had deals with unsigned bands and had site content with lots of band information as well as music reviews

They stayed around for a little while until the inevitable legal action forced the site to call it a day in it’s existing form where they became a part of Rhapsody. Another interesting piece about the end of Audiogalaxy from another one of the developers, Kennon Ballou is here

So today I found a blog by a guy called Tom Kleinpeter who was one of the main developers when the site first launched

His blog has a series of articles about the history of Audiogalaxy that I found pretty interesting and has lots of technical details about some of the challenges involved in created such a popular system as well as lots of insight as to what its like working for a start-up that hits the “big time”

A lot of people were sad to see Audiogalaxy disappear but what is interesting is the people behind the project went on to form the company that created FolderShare. (ByteTaxi)

Heard the name before? Microsoft acquired that particular product in November 2005 and it’s alive and kicking as part of Windows Live!

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