Mojave Experiment – My Thoughts and consumer perceptions

I stumbled across the Windows Mojave website on various blogs last week (I think I saw it on Steve Clayton’s blog first)

Here’s one description

“Microsoft last week travelled to San Francisco, rounding up Windows XP users who had negative impressions of Vista. The subjects were put on video, asked about their Vista impressions, and then shown a "new" operating system, code-named Mojave. More than 90 percent gave positive feedback on what they saw. Then they were told that "Mojave" was actually Windows Vista.”

A couple of days after this the site had a teaser with the date July 29th marked as the release date

So that’s today and the Vista Team Blog has a post with some more details

Here’s the bit that annoyed me a bit (maybe that’s too strong a word but it’s all that springs to mind right now)

Finally, some people have asked if Mojave is the big marketing project we’re working on – it’s not. The Mojave Experiment is just that: an experiment we conducted on the fly that yielded interesting results. We’re publishing the video today because we think you’ll also find it interesting.

Why not make this a marketing project??

The experiment proved that the average consumer has preconceptions about Windows Vista that need to be put right.

Advertising and brand are areas where Microsoft are really losing out at the moment in my opinion and as this shows too many people make judgements based on what they have heard

Just another example,

When I was getting ready to come into the office this morning there was an advert for the new iPhone on the TV

The main message of this particular advert was that the iPhone was now 3G and that meant faster Internet access

If you went and asked the average consumer what HSDPA is I’m sure they would have no idea but because of adverts like this one they’ll have the preconception that the iPhone has the fastest mobile browsing speeds. 3G “sounds” faster and is more marketing friendly than HSDPA

I’m not the only person to say this sort of thing but please Microsoft, advertise just a little

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7 thoughts on “Mojave Experiment – My Thoughts and consumer perceptions

  • The reason they can’t make it a marketing pitch is because people respond negatively to being told that they have been “ignorant morons all along”

  • @Vlad: Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a big shot at Microsoft (maybe Steve Ballmer?) to stand on stage and field questions about Vista but he has to be 100% honest

    Joe Public 1: Why doesn’t my no-brand scanner that i got in 1997 work with Vista?

    Steve B: Because this is 2008, buy a new scanner

    Joe Public 2: My pirate copy of Office 95 doesn’t work with Vista..why is that?

    Steve B: Security!! Take him away

    I really need to get some air-con for the office…..

  • Yes – in answer to yours and Vlad’s impending ridicule…

    I fixed my Vista problems…

    … by moving to Windows XP SP3.

    I, like the majority of my clients, need business applications to just “work”. I was spending more time troubleshooting my Vista laptop than I was actually doing work. In effect, Vista was getting in my way of doing things.

    So yes, I could (and possibly should) have persevered with Vista to tweak it for my uses – but frankly, it was quicker to wipe it, put XP SP3 on and then get on with the real job at hand – doing business and making money.

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