SBS / EBS Launch Event in the Midlands

After a ton of partner feedback the Microsoft UK team have decided to do away with the traditional all singing-all dancing launch event Emily Lambert and Gareth Hall have decided to take the event to the partners! This means they will visiting the various user blogs too Make sure you attend!!!!

The power of the Internet hype

While not giving you the power of the stats a self hosted blog would afford, the stats that provide are generally good enough for me I get to know which posts are more popular than others and see how site visitors come across my page The page views numbers also help give me an

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Bletchley Park given a boost

Just saw this on this BBC news site Bletchley gets £50,000 donation The article is pretty comprehensive so I won’t reproduce too much of it here I’m planning on making a trip to check out the National Museum of Computing soon so was pleased to hear this news today The donations made by IBM and

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Stupid is as stupid does

If you’re on my Facebook friends list you’ll have got this message over the weekend Hello AllIf you’ve had a weird message from me (other than this one!) today please delete itI got the same message from a friend and while allowing my curiosity to get the better of me i managed to infect myself

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