Poor Vista show by software vendor

Not the first time you’ve heard this story but thought I’d share

One of our clients is just about to change all their PCs as part of a larger IT project

They currently don’t have any Vista PCs so we had a chat about that. Obviously the client has heard all the usual press stories and second hand tales of woe but wanted to know what I thought. I told him my only concerns were his line of business applications as we’d need to make sure there were no compatibility issues

I received a document with details on compatibility for server/database/client and this bit jumped out (names protected)

“Note: It is a requirement of the ****** install with Vista 32bit a) to use SQLServer ODBC driver, not the SQL Native driver that comes with Vista; b) to ensure the selection for User Account Control (in Control Panel, Security Settings) is switched OFF for that user in the user admin area prior to running the ****** Installshield (else below errors will occur) and remain off, otherwise ****** will not work (creating the ODBC within the UserDSN may resolve this, however that ODBC is then only available to that specific Windows user).”

Not exactly clear to be honest so I asked for some clarification

Does this mean you want us to UAC off permanently or just for the installation?

The response was,

“By this we mean that if you leave it off it will work and therefore our recommendation, but we do have one client who has left it on and instead created the ODBC’s in the UserDSN and have, in their specific instance (so far as they are not live yet), successfully used ****** using Vista with UAC on.   UAC has not been without its problems and we therefore cannot give a definitive guarantee ****** will work with UAC on in all cases.”

So this is the “you must lower your security to make our app work” response

I ignored the “UAC has not been without it’s problems” line (for now) and replied to ask when they expected the program to be 100% Vista compatible so I’ll post back here when I get a response

I’ve still got to ask about their other LOB application so will be interesting to see what the response is there

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