Back From My Hols

I got back from a short break to Center Parcs yesterday. It’s interesting how technology becomes more and more a part of our relaxation time

Obviously Center Parcs has it’s own web and you can book your stay there online, this isn’t particularly new i know.

I noticed a couple of new things since we’d last been though

Wi-Fi access – Throughout the whole of the main complex you got free wi-fi. Great if you had your laptop with you or your phone has the capability. Why send post cards when you can email a picture?

Booking points – Dotted all over the village are small computer terminals. These allow you access to the internal booking system for planning activities and restaurant reservations

Wii Lounge – One the new activities is the Wii Lounge. You can book the Wii out for an hour and you and your family can jump around in front of a screen with a piece of plastic strapped to your hand 🙂   

(and they have a Starbucks there too… there anywhere it doesn’t reach?)

All this coupled with the digital cameras, camcorders, and MP3 players many of us take on holiday

What happened to a deck chair and a newspaper?

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