iPhone advert dropped

Just spotted this article on the BBC news site.

The advert in question was about the new 3g version of the iPhone where the advert said it was "really fast"

I previously mentioned how this irritated me as 3G isn’t the fastest mobile speed available which the advert may lead you to believe so i’m quite pleased the advert has been dropped

Apparently only 17 people officially complained (I wasn’t one of them!)

Apple’s response was that the speed claims were "relative not absolute" and they were comparing the speed of the 2G iPhone and the 3G iPhone

The current iPod adverts annoy me as well to be honest

They show how easy it is to download and install a program from the Apple store with the demo on screen just being a few clicks

Right at the end of the advert there is a some text at the bottom of the screen which declares

"Some steps removed and sequence shortened"

Isn’t that cheating a bit?

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