Useful Commands – CmdKey

A couple of weeks ago I saw a post on Mark Wilson’s blog talking about CMDKEY. At the time I thought “that’s one to remember” but wondered if I’d ever actually need it

Turns out today I did!

CmdKey is used for managing cached credentials

Someone called today as they were working with the documents on their SharePoint site and the “created by” field was a different user to the one who was actually logged into the PC

What had happened was when the user had been created they initially didn’t have permissions to access the site so they were presented with a username and password prompt


They put in a username and password combination that DID have permissions to the site and put the tick in the box for “remember my password”

So I used the following commands


This gave me a list of the cached credentials on this PC

I found the one I wanted and used

CMDKEY /Delete:TARGET – where target was the name of the server/site I needed to delete

I closed the browser and restarted and all was well!

The CMDKEY command is included on Server 2003 / Server 2008 and Windows Vista but NOT XP

However, you can copy it from a server 2003 machine onto an XP machine and it’ll work just fine

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