Competitive Advantage?

I’ve really neglected my blog this year

Having baby number two has monopolised a lot of my time and something had to give. I started a couple of posts but deleted them as they didn’t seem too great to me

Now that I’m getting used to the sleep depravation (actually that should be, now that getting used to the extra sleep depravation) I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things and what better way than with a good rant! 🙂

I’m a massive fan of the streetfigher series of games so I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Streetfighter IV

I had a quick look on the Game website this morning and saw this



Bargain i thought and as there is a Game store just around the corner from the office I thought I’d pick it up on the way home

When i got to the shop i was disappointed to find it was labelled up at £34.99.

I enquired at the desk and was told that the website is a “separate division so they work to different price lists”

I’m fully aware that online stores have lower running costs compared to the shop. Surely this means the shop needs to “add value” so I’ll purchase in store as opposed to online

One of the easiest ways to differentiate yourself is by having great customer service but this isn’t something I’ve ever experienced in a Game store to be honest. There is never enough staff on meaning you always have to queue which gets on my nerves. The knock on effect to this is when you do have a question there is never anyone to speak to!

So as far as i can see the only advantage i get from buying it in store is the fact i get it straight away

I’m not that desperate to get the game though this instant and the website has free delivery with a two day turnaround

I only really buy from Game as i have a ton of points on my loyalty card (which you have to pay to get….) so once I’ve used those i can’t really see me going into a Game store again

Am i being unreasonable?

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8 thoughts on “Competitive Advantage?

  • Boy – I’ve missed your rants mate. I was starting to think I was the last angry geek out there. 🙂

    I had a similar conversation with a peer about the UK disti’s the other day. They give service that just plain sucks, and I find myself getting angry about it. But why? I can just take our business elsewhere and leave those Disti’s to it. Is that the best way to deal with bad customer service, or should I be trying to help them improve their ways, knowing full well they may not listen at all?

  • Hey,

    Just get the game, also get SF2 HD Remix. Then show me what you got!

    I played this until my eyes felt like they were going to bleed last Friday. Not sure if I prefer SF2 HD or SF4, but both good.

  • Hi Rich

    Don’t get me started on the Distie thing! That’s worthy of a whole post on it’s own

    What frustrates me is that is seems such pot luck about the service you get

    I saw a thread on the UK SBS yahoo group complaining about their distie. Someone replied to say they had no complaints at all as their account manager was great

  • Hi Paul

    Playing Streetfighter till your eyes bleed? Reminds me of my early teens!

    SF4 is on order so should be here in a couple of days. I’ve already got HD remix though

    My gamertag is in the sidebar on the blog page – happy to give you a game sometime 🙂

  • I will have to get in touch when I am using a 360 at a friends house.

    Have a PS3 and playing on that. Xbox white just does not match the Sony Bravia.

  • Where can I get games that people want to give away : becouse they don’t like them anymore, or for other reasons? New one seem to be getting more and more expensive: not true, but with the crisis that’s how my wallet feels it….

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