Dr Who Exhibition

Like any self respecting geek I’m a Dr Who fan

I read a ton of the books when I was growing up and since the BBC brought it back, Saturday nights has the wife and I tuning in (we’re especially gutted we’re only getting “specials” this year”)

So when we spotted a billboard advertising a Dr Who exhibition at the Coventry Transport Museum we had to get some tickets!

me and Alice by the Tardis

As well as the Tardis we got to see lots cool stuff from the show including models of various characters

A moving model of the Empress of Racnoss

empress of racnoss







At the end of the show we were “attacked” by Daleks and addressed by Davros! It was great seeing these characters come to life


While we enjoyed the content what wasn’t fun in my opinion was the organisation.

The exhibition was basically a path through the museum with exhibits to look at along the way. At the end of the path was the “Dalek and Davros show” (what a great sitcom that would be!)

Our tickets were for a specific time so the idea was that a group of people would go through then half and hour later the next group would go through

In practise this didn’t work which resulted in the exhibition basically being a very long queue. It did mean that we spent a lot of time on each individual exhibit if you wanted to look on the bright side!

I think there were two reasons for this

1) There were far too many people each group

2) With the Daleks and Davros at the end it meant that only a few people could see this at a time and everyone else had to wait for them to finish which is what basically caused the queuing

This would be bad enough under most circumstances but it’s made even worse when you have children in tow! (Luckily Alice was very patient and Evie slept through it all)

We tried to not let it ruin the visit for us but I felt very sorry for the people after us. They were queuing out of the door!

I’d certainly recommend a visit. But maybe during the day when it’s quieter

(Pictures courtesy of Bryony Parkes!)

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