Working with hidden content types and site columns in SharePoint v3

This isn’t new but I’m reproducing for my own benefit!

I blogged ages ago about needing to get at the Event content type in SharePoint which by default is in the _Hidden category

I normally get at the Event content type by creating a calendar, enabling content types and then following the links until I uncover the content type

Today I needed to use a Wiki Page as a content type but my usual method didn’t work as you aren’t able to manage content types in a wiki library

When editing a content type your URL will look something like this (I’m doing this on a SBS 2008 SharePoint setup)


The ctype parameter identifies the content type (in this case the Event type)

All I needed to do then was find the ID for the wiki page content type and a quick google search made this the easy part

There were a ton of pages with this information but i used this one as it also provided them in a useful CSV and XLS format (thanks!)

The table below shows all the items in the _Hidden group. The full list is on the post i mentioned but I’m only interested in the hidden ones as i can get at the rest via the UI

Reusable HTML 0x01002CF74A4DAE39480396EEA7A4BA2BE5FB
Reusable Text 0x01004D5A79BAFA4A4576B79C56FF3D0D662D
Page Output Cache 0x010087D89D279834C94E98E5E1B4A913C67E
System Page Layout 0x01010007FF3E057FA8AB4AA42FCB67B453FFC1
System Master Page 0x0101000F1C8B9E0EB4BE489F09807B2C53288F
Office Data Connection File 0x010100629D00608F814DD6AC8A86903AEE72AA
Universal Data Connection File 0x010100B4CBD48E029A4AD8B62CB0E41868F2B0
System Page 0x010100C568DB52D9D0A14D9B2FDCC96666E9F2
InfoPath Form Template 0x010100F8EF98760CBA4A94994F13BA881038FA
User Workflow Document 0x010107
Wiki Page 0x010108
Event 0x0102
Workflow Task 0x010801
Office SharePoint Server Workflow Task 0x01080100C9C9515DE4E24001905074F980F93160
Administrative Task 0x010802
Workflow History 0x0109
Person 0x010A
SharePointGroup 0x010B
DomainGroup 0x010C
Post 0x0110
Comment 0x0111
RootOfList 0x012001

*(these lists also include types for MOSS)

There is also another post showing hidden Site Columns (here) which also has the spreadsheet formats (though i couldn’t get the page to open while i was writing this and ended up using Google’s cache of the page)

Once I’d changed the group of the wiki page content type i then created a new wiki page content type that inherited from the original to create my own base wiki type (as I don’t think you should mess with the built-in types!)

I was able to use the wiki content type in regular a document library so i could mix wiki pages with regular documents (which was the whole point of the exercise!)

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